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Our members earn an UNLIMITED supply of beautiful US Minted .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins

Simply join our program and make a one time payment of $30.

This will enter you into the small 2x2 matrix where you can earn Silver American Eagle Coins..

You'll also receive 4 "resellable" products to download worth over $30.

Once your small 2x2 matrix is filled with 6 members from your marketing efforts, your referral's marketing efforts, spillover from above, or through our company marketing campaign, you will earn one 1 oz .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins.

You will then be given FREE re-entry back in to another 2x2 matrix in a "follow the leader" style, where the people on YOUR Level 1 and Level 2 will ALWAYS follow you. This creates a "team synergy", and helps you and your downline to CONTINUALLY cycle and earn more 1 oz .999 fine Silver American Eagle Coins!

There is NO LIMIT in the number of Silver American Eagle Coins you can earn!
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